How to Choose a Knife of High Quality?

      The most important thing in a knife is blade, or more precisely - its quality. It depends primarily on the grade of steel. The world's leading companies use steel knives for cooks in two flavors: pure stainless chromium (chromium makes the steel adding harder), and chromium, molybdenum and vanadium alloyed (molybdenum steel gives a special strength, and reduces the brittleness of vanadium). The best steel for knives, scissors and other household cutting tools are made in Germany, Krupp and Thyssen in the ancient city of Solingen. Knives with blades of such steel are more expensive and professional. But the good housewife requests the pleasure to have around in the kitchen just such knives. Regardless of the grade, steel that goes for the manufacture of knives cooks should have a uniform composition. After all, the inhomogeneity in the metal, and even bubbles, shells make a knife unstable and short-lived. Cutting properties of the knife depend on the method of hardening steel. The modern process goes through several stages: heating of the work piece in a vacuum oven, cooled to room temperature, followed by freezing in liquid nitrogen to a temperature of -70 degrees, and again heated to 300 degrees. The best knives are the ones that are made by forging. These one-piece knives are good for using then in the kitchen. In addition, the quality is determined by the geometrical shape of knife blades and sharpening his views. In large knife, blade is quite heavy and has a variable thickness: the base is not less than 2 mm. A knife, a cutting edge which is sharpened to form a wavy line, cuts fresh bread and other products with the problem structure best of all other. How to find out whether the solid steel knife? Markings on the blade steel are usually not indicated, but the hostess in her and did not really understand. For some reason, common misconception that the best knives - stainless steel. Yes, stainless steel is the most expensive, but not necessarily it is the hardest. You should buy a knife and the blade is not able to scratch any of the other knives. Nothing, unless it is made of stainless steel: just better to care for it, wash immediately after use, wipe off and keep it dry. When you choose a knife for using it in practice, pay attention to the width of its blade: the wider it is, the stronger the knife is and the cuts are straighter.