You cannot have a microwave oven, induction cookers, deep fryers, but a set of quality knives in a modern kitchen is mandatory! Otherwise, how can you get to the deepest depths of the food, or clean, grind and shred food? There are different types of knives. High price of this set can disappoint someone. But this money is nothing compared to the cost of our time and effort that has to spend every day, using the knives of poor quality, blunt and uncomfortable. The practical housewife in the kitchen has an arsenal of knives for all occasions. These classic kitchen knives of different shapes and sizes, bread knife, saw, cheese - in the form of a wide slotted spatula - for cutting thin slices of cheese, cooking knives, similar to the flexible spatula with rounded corners, vegetable knives (sometimes plastic) with blades in a small bevel. A complete set of quality knives can be purchased online Sears Coupon Codes any time you like. There are knives for cleaning mushrooms - short plastic, with a flat brush on the handle hard to clean the mushroom caps from plates of the forest litter. And in a family with a long tradition, small knives can be found to open the oyster shells. All table knives share a common feature: a rounded tip, better to spread on bread butter, pate, or caviar. Potato knives do not like the knives (among other things, there are up to a dozen varieties of them). The knife has a lot of relatives: the grinder, in which the blade is divided into four parts and rotates (it is necessary not only for ground beef, crushing berries, roots, but also to make noodles, biscuits figure), kitchen shears for cutting fish, poultry; grater for vegetables, fruit, cheese (its surface is like an array of tiny blades) shredder for vegetables (manual or motorized). Quality is the most important requirement for all types of knives. Knives have appeared long ago. The earliest knives were known from Paleolithic times. Knives were made of stone at that time. In South America, knives were also made of gold. Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution factory replaced craft production of knifes; the construction and materials of the knives have been changed. Manufacturability and cost reduction are one of the important criteria. Modern knives are made from different materials. The design of an ancient knife, known since ancient times, but here is a novelty. In order to come to the U.S. market, European manufacturers were required to adhere to the American standard: the knife should have a protection not to hurt your hands due to sharp blade.